1.8T VW Scirocco

20111023-063944.jpgCompared to the cars usually featured on this blog, this Scirocco may seem out of place, but bear with me. These beautiful cars were always known for great driving, but while quick, they weren’t going to win many drag races. This particular example has had a wonderful engine transplant, and now sports a modern turbocharged 1.8 liter VW lump. Best of all, it’s for sale! A fact which didn’t excite my wife nearly as much as myself. Find it at Bring a Trailer.

Ginetta F400


What’s not to like? Carbon fiber body. 2284lb weight. 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds with a 185+mph top speed. Indeed, the worst part of a Ginetta is that it’s not available in the US. Well, until now that is! Yes, the Ginetta is finally coming to the US as a ‘special construction vehicle’ (similar to the Noble or Roisson, it’s shipped without a drivetrain installed). More info can be found over at British Racing Group.

SSC Tuatara


Coming soon, America’s answer to the German/French Bugatti Veyron supercar. With more power (1350hp), fantastic styling, and an equally unpronounceable name, it appears set to take on the World’s finest at a track near you (yeah, you wish). Given the engineering challenges in the Veyron development I’m a bit skeptical of the anticipated claimed 275mph top speed, but c’mon, when we’re talking speeds like that, who cares. It’ll be a fantastic supercar when it hits the road. Read more at Pistonheads or SSC’s website.

Arash AF-10


Here’s an interesting blend of Lotus Evora and Ferrari Enzo styling, with Corvette power. It’s a British car, the Arash AF-10. Still early in the development stages, don’t look for this on the roads for a couple years. (via Pistonheads)

Aston Martin One-77


The Aston Martin Project One-77 was officially unveiled in Italy over the weekend (a rolling chassis, and pictures, were shown in Geneva in March). This very limited production car (77 will be produced) won’t be cheap, expect a sticker price of close to two million dollars. A 700hp V12 will propel this beast to 60mph in around 2.5 seconds, with a top speed of more than 200mph. (via AutoWeek)